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Hi :) 18 years of amazing awkwardness here just ready to show anyone ^_^


I’m so amused because when Steven Spielberg was making Jurassic Park he’s like ‘I want 10 ft’ velociraptors and everyone else is like ‘Steven no, they weren’t that big’ and he’s just like ‘well damn imma put them in the movie anyway’ and then during filming some random palaeontologists found actual 10 ft velociraptor skeletons and Spielberg was probably like ‘told ya so’

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It must be really cool to be hot

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Vintage Art Deco Railroad Underpass Gets Illuminated

Built in 1931, this Art Deco railroad underpass is a gateway between downtown Birmingham, Alabama and a new urban space called Railroad Park. In recent years, the tunnel was dark and had deteriorated into a dangerous area. To solve the problem, the city hired sculptor and public artist Bill FitzGibbons to create a lighting solution that would encourage more pedestrian traffic. Titled LightRails, the installation is composed of a network of computerized LEDs that that form various lighting patterns in the previously darkened underpass. The result is a beautifully lit, vintage space that more resembles an art installation than a lighting project.


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When you make a reference and someone actually gets it


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